Where Will You Spend Eternity?

Where Will You Spend Eternity?


The trumpet is blowing in Zion, let all its inhabitants tremble,

For soon the Lord of Hosts and his Angels in the sky will assemble.

That will be a day that there has never been one like,

That will be a day of darkness, gloominess and fright.


Mighty men, famous men will ask the mountains and rocks for cover,

As the Earth begins to melt; frantically and in vain they’ll search to find an altar.

Finding no altar, they will try their best to put an end to their life,

But death will be no more, no need for guns, not even a knife.


Those who played around and put off God one day too many,

Will see that their condition is permanently stained and filthy.

And the Lord shall utter his voice, strong and great,

For everyone to step into the judgment and learn of their fate.


That day of the Lord will be great and very terrible,

He will pronounce judgment on all, clearly and not in parable.

Countless regrets will soar high while on their knees sinking low,

Weeping and gnashing of teeth as their life Jesus begins to show.


“A life free from sin” King Jesus will loudly state,

“Is the only life that’s going to get thru this heavenly gate.”

The day that so many people think will never come, will come,

It will come with Christ looking for his blood-washed ones.


If there be a sinner within the sound of my voice,

Consider this an alarm for you this day to make a better choice.

If living without Jesus has come to be your plan,

Then before him at the judgment you won’t be able to stand.


Please give thought that all the devil tells you is a lie,

He’ll tell you to put off God until certain things subside.

Dear friend we urge you to not put off God any longer,

Because waiting too long makes your chances for hell-fire stronger.

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