The Lord impressed me to write these poems and passages of scriptures much like the bible was written centuries ago, although it is still relevant to the day, I wrote as I was moved by the Holy Ghost. Apostles and prophets of old often-times evangelized by the written word when they were too old to travel, when they were ill or in prison. They would offer words of encouragement and warnings of Satan’s devices. This book continues that theme only in simple to understand, God-inspired poetry.


These poems and passages of scriptures are penned with the love of God abounding in my heart towards a lost and dying world that, in all likelihood, does not even know that it is lost and dying and that the game clock is almost to zero. Many are turned off with preachers because of compromise and hypocrisy. Many do not even know the true doctrine of our precious Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Read these poems and you will. Father….They Know Not What They Do! God’s Poetic Reach to a Lost and Dying World, is an easy read on what is required of us to make heaven our home and to escape a devil’s hell with righteous and sin-free living. Don’t think that’s possible? Then this book is written for you. God bless you and share this book with a loved one is my prayer. For more information about Vernon please visit


God’s Poetic Reach to a Lost and Dying World!


Vernon L. Coleman has always loved writing and has exhibited passion even in his Report Writing as an Internal Affairs Investigator for the past eight years. However, he has recently embarked on a new journey as an author. Writing a poetry book was never on his bucket list, but after hearing the voice of God, he became inspired to compose poems that would speak directly to the souls of mankind.

While “Father…They Know Not What They Do! God’s Poetic Reach to a Lost and Dying World” is his first book, he plans to continue to inspire others as an author by writing other books as God gives him the vision to help promote the Word of God. Vernon says that “choices reflect beliefs” and he chose to listen and obey God’s voice to show that he truly does believe in Him.


For questions about future speaking engagements, workshops or to share your thoughts on Father…They Know Not What They Do, reach out to Vernon L. Coleman today!