Expiration Dates

Expiration Dates

That other path, that sinful path, is wrought with expiration dates on whatever is keeping someone on that path. If a person puts off God to hold onto something ungodly, then whatever that thing might be, has an expiration date. Drugs and alcohol may have your attention and addiction now but if you die holding onto that, in hell you will lift up your eyes. You will not be drugging. You will not be drinking. You will be burning forever. The drugs and alcohol had an expiration date. You can no longer enjoy them.

Adultery and fornication may have your attention and addiction now, but it too has an expiration date. Holding onto that person in an ungodly relationship will not continue in hell. In time you had that person, in eternity, in hell, you won’t. It expired.

Hypocrisy and homosexuality may have your attention and addiction now, but in hell you will not be engaging in any homosexual practices or false worship. Why? Because in eternity, it expired. You will be gnashing your teeth in an endless and agonizing flame.

The rich man in the 16th chapter of St. Luke fared sumptuously every day. A certain beggar named Lazarus was laying down at the rich man’s gate desiring to be fed with just the crumbs that fell from the rich man’s table, crumbs that Lazarus was able to see. If Lazarus was close enough to see those crumbs, then the rich man was close enough to see the distressed Lazarus. Distressed by hunger and distressed by pain as dogs were licking his sores. The bible says that it came to pass that they both died. So, after a passage of time, the above-mentioned situation never changed. The rich man ignored his fellow man and Lazarus received no love or compassion from the rich man.

They both died and instead of the rich man lifting up his eyes toward the hills in life, he lifted them up in hell. In time, the rich man had fared sumptuously every day meaning he ate and drank very well and very often in a selfish manner. However, in eternity, it expired. He was not faring sumptuously in hell. In hell, he was begging for water. Instead of holding onto God, and things that don’t ever expire like praising God, enjoying the blessings of God, singing unto God, loving God, communing with God and obeying God, the rich man held onto something with an expiration date.

You know that it is bad for a person to drink expired milk, eat expired food, or take expired medicine. The results will not be good. Similarly, don’t hold onto things of this life, the idols of your life that has pushed God out of your life. They all have expiration dates, BUT YOUR SOUL DOESN’T!

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